Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood board an Amtrak Acela train in Washington, DC, Feb. 8, 2011. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Joe Biden: Role Model

As a man who rejects many of my culture’s toxic ideas about masculinity, it’s sometimes difficult to find positive examples of men worth emulating. Growing up and seeing many examples of the damage men have done in patriarchal society makes it feel like a growing list of things not to be and do.

Joe Biden is a rare, glowing exception. He is an example of how principled, strong, loving men can be a force to improve the lives of their family members and work colleagues, as well as fight for people who don’t yet have the same opportunities to succeed that are afforded to men of privilege.

The world needs more men like Joe Biden. I always am more successful when I can strive for positive, proactive improvement. So I’m thankful for Vice President Biden’s living example.


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Zeke Weeks

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