First trip to the beach


Joshua Tree

I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Joshua Tree National Park today. I feel guilty for even saying it, but I didn’t have a great time. Maybe I didn’t prepare or learn enough beforehand. Maybe I prefer places where my dog and mountain bike are welcome. All I know is my camera lens started zooming in on V-8s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

In respect of the complex nature of the use of violence to stop violent men, especially in a situation which doesn’t cleanly fit into our usual partisan politics, and has presented leaders of many political stripes with no good options, I’m not going to be commenting for a little while on America’s strike on Syrian military targets or the ensuing aftermath.

This is not because I want to avoid the issue, but because I believe our current knee-jerk hot-take media platforms are not going to encourage the kind of mindful, nuanced, policy-oriented discourse such a serious issue deserves. Please exercise caution and use critical thinking while reacting to the situation as it develops. Your opinion of any of the entities involved in this situation does not correspond to one proper reaction to the entire story, which is too complicated to fit one agenda.

On a personal note, I’m setting off on a journey of my own this weekend. It will be my first time camping off the grid in my RV and I will likely be posting about it. I don’t mean to ignore or trivialize other major events by doing so. These are trying times and this is how I make sure I don’t drown in current events.