Since the election, I’ve been thinking about algorithmic feeds again. This isn’t a new issue: it’s the filter bubble dilemma all over again, just after a disturbing wake-up call involving propaganda, disinformation, and hate groups that are more empowered than ever before. Proprietary networks are always going to reward people for posting media directly, rather than linking from a competitor or, god forbid, a self-published site.

I write on my main blog for my own enjoyment. I don’t care if that stuff doesn’t get seen. I’m on social networks for the connections to people close and far. I don’t want to lose that by self-publishing. But now that algorithmic content feeds have proven to have a devastating effect on the mass consciousness, I’m no longer comfortable committing anything of consequence to places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m going back to microblogging – I’ll post stuff I want to share about here, and will link to it on the proprietary networks. Yes, algorithms will give it a lower priority. I’d rather have that happen throw more fuel into an immoral machine.

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